May 25, 2020

LED Light Bulbs – Review On Home, Tail And Dimmable Light Bulbs Sold At Home Depot At Wholesale Price

LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs


The LED Light Bulb

LED light bulbs are among the most broadly diversified kinds of bulbs available in America. With the wide array of options in color, brightness, energy and viewing angles, it is vital that you take the time to think about your lighting requirements, to make certain you select the type of LED bulbs most appropriate to your requirements. You should possess a fundamental knowledge of terms, for example, lumens and watt, and to understand issues, for example, fitting and connection types, and the way viewing angles may significantly modify the means by which the LED lights function. These LED  bulbs are available in 110 V, 220 V and others.

Led Tail Light Bulbs

LED Tail light bulbs or brake lights are fantastic add-ons to cars. The LED tail bulbs are custom made models. Their prices are standardized to be able to make sure they are popular because they have custom made prices on the market with respect to the kind of devices. LED tail light bulbs provide several benefits over traditional lights. They typically keep going longer, can handle postponing more light, and consume less energy. These lights could be bought online, from aftermarket merchants or from most auto parts stores.

Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

For many consumers today energy conservation is one of the most important thing to do. If you are planning to make your home more energy efficient, then one of the best things to do is to replace your conventional style light bulbs with dimmable LED light bulbs. This type of light bulb has many things to offer from a quality and efficiency standpoint. It gives off a much sharper and clearer light as compared to the conventional type of light bulbs. The dimmable LED  bulbs do not only offer clear illuminated room, but also add quality to the lighting that you will enjoy in your home. It is also ideal for reading particularly when you like to adjust the amount of light that you have. When it comes to energy usage this type of light bulbs are much more efficient. In most cases LED bulbs use 90% less energy than ordinary light bulbs which makes it helpful in saving monthly energy bill. Even though this is a little more expensive but they can actually help save money in the long run.

LED Light Bulbs Review

A wide range of enhanced LED  bulbs will be available to consumers within a year to eighteen months. The currently available LED  bulbs on the market are ideal for accent and task lighting, but they promise to provide a better, more cost-effective, general use items to come. LED  bulbs featured in  online reviews are among the common units that you can purchase at present. The light output and prices may vary greatly, but everyone is talking about the huge possibility of using LEDs for power-efficient, long-lasting home illumination. The review for LED bulbs also features the latest member in the energy-efficient LED replacements for A19 style light bulbs for commercial and home use. It comes with softly diffused, dome lensing which directs light at 95 degree beam. It runs on a flexible voltage and you can replace 40 w to 50 w incandescent bulbs with 7 watts of energy, making it more energy efficient.

LED Light Bulbs Home Depot

Home depot has been offering LED lights with discount so that many consumers will be able to buy and enjoy the convenience of using this type of bulb. This DIY and Lowes store has started selling LED downlights – these are interior lights which look like small flood lights intended for home use. It is designed by Cree, but is distributed under Home Depot’s Ecosmart brand. The Home Depot will be partnering with Philips to sell their LED bulbs. For those who are not aware, the EcoSmart bulbs usually cost $50 that last around 35,000 hours and emit the same amount of light as a 60 watt incandescent downlight. To install this you can screw it in standard ceiling fixtures. If you use this type of bulb three hours a day it will usually last over its lifetime and you will be able to save $300.

These types of bulbs are now available at Home Depot. Aside from Philips, GE also has its own list of household LED  bulbs which you can purchase on Home Depot. Also available in Home Depot are the popular 12-volt LED bulbs. This type of bulb is used to light up a landscape in your patio or to simply provide light in your garden. The 12v  LED rope light is ideal to light up the Christmas trees, cars, boats or to light any part of the house. You can purchase this type of light bulbs at different colors which includes white, green, red and blue. 12 v rope light bulbs is also ideal in lighting your outdoor, the pool area and the entire garden.  A c7 candelabra screw action light bulb is ideal to light a Christmas tree.  To light your chandelier you can also purchase at Home Depot the 120v candelabra base light blue which has a warm white LED light that generates the incandescent equivalent to a 15-25 watt 120 volt bulb.

Automotive LED Light Bulbs

Automotive LED light bulbs are devices installed for signaling and lighting and are positioned at the rear, front, sides, and in some instances, at the top of the vehicle. The main purpose of having these lights is to provide illumination for the driver to maneuver the vehicle safely particularly during night time, to increase the visibility of the vehicle and display data about the vehicle’s position, size, presence, direction of travel and the driver’s purpose about driving at certain speed and direction of travel. In order to replace the old stock bulbs in your car, you need LED replacement bulbs which are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. In places where there is poor visibility because of snow, fog, dust or rain, H3 Led front fog lamps are required. It is a bar-shaped beam of light having a sharp cut off at the top and is mounted and aimed generally low.

Most vehicles have at least one dome light which is situated near the ceiling of the passenger compartment, which serves as signal to fasten seatbelts and exit or enter the car. It can be set to switch on when the front doors are opened. When employed in street lights LED bulbs offer an essential safety performance benefit. Even motorcycle owners customize their bikes by using LED bulbs.

LED Light Bulbs For Home

There are several benefits that you can get if you shift from incandescent light bulbs to LED bulbs. In comparison to incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, LED bulbs consume less power. As compared to standard bulbs LED persists 50 to 100 times longer or will be able to supply 100,000 hours. Although LED bulbs are not cheap, the energy that you can save from them will help you reduce your electric bill. Wireless LED  bulbs are very flexible and you can use them where you want them without having to worry about wires or cords.  Some models are created for inside the house and work best in hallways, attics, basements and stairwells.

If you are ready to take that big step and begin upgrading your home lighting, then it is best to consider using the 5 and 10 watt MR16 LED  bulbs and enjoy the many benefits  that they have to offer.  If you are looking for something as a replacement for your standard lamps, Sylvania Hi Spot GU10 is what you are looking for.  For your kitchen lighting it is best to choose LED recessed lights. With the traditional overhead fixtures there are several places in the kitchen that don’t get enough light. These spaces include the cabinet, stove and sink. For indoor gardening LED grow lights are effective and efficient making it the ideal choice for new grow lights. They are used both commercially and at home proving them to be the best lighting options in the market. Candle lights, chandelier and a relaxing music usually create the mood if you want to have a romantic dinner at home. But candle lights could be dangerous if left unattended. The best way to set the lighting mood is with LED color changing lights.

LED Light Bulbs Wholesale

At present these types of bulbs are getting more and more popular because of the high concern of many on Earth issues associated with incandescent bulbs. Most people today prefer to buy the LED bulbs from the reliable wholesale manufacturer and supplier. The need of LED light has increased thus forcing several wholesale manufacturers to join the field of bulb making. Because of the several benefits that it provides there is no doubt LED  is the preferred lighting system at present.  Even in remote areas people are using the LED bulbs. This is the reason why wholesalers are offering them at discounted prices. You can track online for the best wholesale price.

So for those who are looking for an efficient way to save energy it is best to use LED light bulbs.

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Cheerful Yard Lighting Makes Holiday Merry


lighted houseDevelop A Plan Before Setting Out To Buy Christmas Lights

An uncoordinated and mismatched Christmas lights display will make any festive holiday yard hope for better.  When planning to buy Christmas lights for a special yard display, keep in mind basic principles of art and design:  unity, variety, balance, contrast, proportion, and pattern.  Buy Christmas lights with attention to unity.  Make all yard decorations coordinate to tell one story/theme.  An example would be a monochromatic white lights display illuminating trees, shrubs, house, doorways, wreaths, and special decorations.  A second design principle to consider when setting out to buy Christmas lights is variety.  Variety is important to emphasize visual diversity emphasizing different forms and types.  A key factor to keep in mind is to use the same type of light throughout the entire display but use different types of light displays including tree lighting, shrub lighting, wreath lighting, outlining walkways, outlining buildings, and novelty lighting.  Balance is another important consideration when intending to buy Christmas lights.  A Christmas lights display looks best when the yard lighting is balanced throughout the property and not on one side only or in one small area.  Buy Christmas lights keeping in mind contrast between light and dark.  Carefully light dark areas to focus on shapes and interesting forms like an evergreen tree, a wreath, or a doorway.  Consideration of proportion is helpful when planning to buy Christmas lights.  A large yard can easily handle large Christmas light displays including light strings with large C9 bulbs or a plethora of mini lights.  A great way to add proportion and illusion in a holiday display is to light a large object while highlighting several smaller objects.  Some large items to focus on are a house or a large evergreen tree.  Pattern is important to keep in mind when setting out to buy Christmas lights.  Light strings are easy to manipulate and hang in a pattern.  A swirling pattern of light strings draped in trees looks particularly lovely during the holidays.  Hanging tree lights can create a look of activity and excitement in anticipation of the season.  A well thought out plan can create a beautiful festive holiday lights display and make a trip to the stores for Christmas lights more enjoyable when knowing exactly what to buy.


White Mini LED Lights Don’t Mix Well With White Incandescent Mini Lights

Mini LED lights are energy efficient and a smart choice when replacing traditional incandescent mini lights.  White mini LED lights give off a different color, however, and don’t mix well with white incandescent lights.  Mini LED lights give off a cool bluish white tint while incandescent lights give off a warm yellowish white tint.  To avoid replacing all lights at the same time, people try to mix mini LED lights with incandescent.  This does not work well and should be avoided.  Mini LED lights are a smart choice and should be used exclusively with other LED lighting.


Create Sparkling Scenes Of Wonder And Joy With Festive Lighting

Festive lighting brings joy to many.  Festive lighting inspires the soul and illuminates the Christmas spirit within one’s essence.  Festive lighting is the beacon of peace within a crazy holiday time.  Festive lighting gives a touch of holiday spirit to the dark winter nights.  Festive lighting makes our holiday yards joyful, inspirational, peaceful, and spiritual.

Technological Advances Make Holiday Lighting More Fun


Battery Christmas Lights Can Be Used In Non-Traditional Ways

Perhaps you’ve seen A Charlie Brown Christmas where Snoopy decorated his dog house with battery Christmas lights and won first place in the neighborhood’s lights and display contest.  Now, you too can decorate with battery Christmas lights. 


christmas dogHow about decorating the family pooch with LED battery Christmas lights?  Today’s LED battery Christmas lights allow you to safely give your pet that holiday glow and entertain your guests at the next holiday party.  LED battery Christmas lights are cool-to-the-touch and comfortable to wear.  What can be more fun than hanging icicle lights from your Great Dane or decking your little white dog out in multi-colored LED battery Christmas lights.  So this year, put the “fa la la” into your pooch’s attire with today’s new LED battery Christmas lights.  Decorating with holiday lighting has never been more versatile or easy to adapt to new and creative applications.  With a little imagination, you can illuminate almost anything and bring that Christmas spirit into all parts of your life.  Your pet, car, or even that favorite holiday sweater can sparkle and shine with the glow of battery Christmas lights.


Outdoor Xmas Decorations Require Planning and Thought

When illuminating the exterior of your home with Xmas decorations, it is important to have a plan and a theme.  Without both, the resulting Xmas decorations can look like a horrifying display of color and texture.  The number of Xmas decorations available in stores today can result in the, “Hey, it’s on sale and it will look good in my yard this year” mentality.  This holiday enthusiast buys whatever Xmas decorations are on sale with no thought to design, theme, or color.  When home, the Xmas decorations are set up and lit upon dark.  A riot of color and lack of balance confuses the senses.  Neighbors desire that the Xmas decorations be taken down.  A smart decorator will begin with color.  Balance is also important in Xmas decorations.  This will ensure a good flow of attention across your Xmas decorations display.  Novelty yard Xmas decorations require a theme.  It’s not a good idea to place The Grinch directly next to a nativity scene.  Mixing themes in Xmas decorations will look cluttered and out of control.  Be careful, however, of sparsely decorated exteriors.  For example, the thin white outline of lights along the gutters and roof lines looks clean and consistent but is overdone and sterile.  The best Xmas decorations strike a balance between the conservative approach and the non-color coordinated chaos.  Remember always, exterior Xmas decorations are about having fun and expressing creativity.  If unsure, get a second opinion and have a happy holiday.


The Little Xmas Lights That CouldC7 LED

One year ago in a distant China workshop, there was a happy little strand of LED Xmas lights that knew it would soon be illuminated and admired.  It was shipped to a store where many unimpressed eyes looked at it then put it back on its shelf.  Many months passed and hope dwindled while the LED Xmas lights sat in the store unlit.  After Christmas it went on sale and remained unhappy in the store.  A few more months passed and during the long hot summer the Xmas lights almost lost hope.  The Christmas season came again, however, and this time there was an increased interest in energy efficient LED Xmas lights due to a weak economy.  The little strand of LED Xmas lights was purchased this time and displayed on a grand Christmas tree to be admired by many.  The LED Xmas lights shined brighter than all the other lights that Christmas.

String Beauty Around the Home with Energy Efficient LED Christmas Lights

christmas ballMini LED Lights Offer Versatility and Cost-Savings When Decorating For the Holidays

Add sparkle and pizzazz to your holiday decorating this year with mini LED lights.  Mini LED lights are just like the popular traditional Christmas string lights.  They are easy to decorate with because there are so many different ways to use them.  Their small size makes them easy to work with in many applications.  Mini LED lights are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.  Mini LED lights can be strung around Christmas trees, topiaries, garland, wreaths, poinsettias, or other displayed greenery.  Mini LED lights look beautiful in and around table-top displays.  Mini LED lights offer energy efficiency.  They use about 90% less energy consumption than conventional incandescent lights.  Mini LED lights have a much longer life span.  Mini LED lights are rated to last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours.  Mini LED lights help you be green and save money.  LED, or Light-Emitting Diode, is a smart choice in today’s light source market.  Chose smart, energy efficient mini LED lights and brighten your Christmas decorating.


C7 LED Christmas Lights Create A Soft Glow of Beauty

Create a joyful holiday with softly glowing C7 LED Christmas lights.  C7 LED Christmas lights are smaller versions of the C9 LED Christmas lights.  Both are popular for their ease in changing bulbs by simply screwing one bulb in and out at a time.  It’s nice because one burnt out bulb on a C7 LED Christmas light strand does not affect the entire strand of bulbs like traditional mini light sets.  With C7 LED Christmas lights, you can buy new sets or purchase replacement bulbs for traditional C7 light sets.  Like other LED Christmas lights, commercial string light sets are available with different string lengths and end-to-end plugs that allow for a long distance of lights.  C7 LED Christmas lights have the same advantages of LED Christmas lights:  energy efficient, long lasting, 90% less energy consumption, maintenance free, sturdy, cool to the touch, colorful bright lights, quick turn-on, dimmable and programmable, lightweight and compact, environmentally friendly with no mercury, recyclable, and for use indoors/outdoors.  In addition, the C7 LED Christmas lights make a wonderful year-round night-light.  Be responsible; reduce-reuse-recycle.  LED lights can help you protect the earth and be environmentally friendly.   


C9 LED Christmas Lights Radiate Striking Bold Dots of Color

Colorful and bright lighting can jazz up the season and make your holiday decorating sparkle with magnificent illumination.  The three inch long C9 LED Christmas lights have all the same features and advantages of C7 bulbs but are larger in size for bolder displays of brilliant color and radiant light.  Also like the C7 LED Christmas lights, C9 LED Christmas light bulbs can also be screwed into traditional C9 string lights making it easy to replace a burnt out or broken bulb.  The LED Christmas light bulbs fade out over time compared to incandescent bulbs that abruptly burn out.  Like other LED Christmas lights, C9 LED Christmas lights are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Indoor uses include Christmas trees, topiaries, garland, wreaths, or other greenery.  C9 LED Christmas lights are especially beautiful outdoors.  C9 LED Christmas lights are perfect for decorating large, overly dense and full trees.  C9 LED Christmas light bulbs display vivid, bold splashes of color and can be seen from great distances.  Due to the larger size of the C9 LED Christmas lights, not as many lights are needed to cover the same areas as the popular mini lights.  For brilliant colorful displays of holiday light, try using C9 LED Christmas lights this year and ignite the spirit of Christmas.

Energy Efficient Christmas Lights–A Smart Choice

Fantastic Holiday Displays with LED String Lights

Lighting options abound in today’s market.  With advancing technology, LED string lights are becoming more popular and there is a plethora of available options.  LED string lights come in solid white or colored mini lights, wide angle lights, C6, C7, C9 strawberry lights, G12 raspberry lights, and novelty lighting.  The mini LED string light is good for wrapping around Christmas trees and railings.  The wide angle LED string light which evenly distributes light in all directions is a good alternative to mini lights and especially beautiful on Christmas trees.  The C6 strawberry LED string light is much smaller than the C9 but shines very brightly.  The C6 strawberry LED string light is great for indoor and entryway displays where the observer will be in close viewing range.  The C7 and C9 strawberry LED string lights can be used to replace standard C7 or C9 socket wire.  C7 and C9 strawberry LED string lights look wonderful on large outdoor trees, building outlines, eaves and roof lines.  The G12 raspberry light is a small, faceted globe shape bulb.  The G12 raspberry LED string light is good for close distance viewing like entryway shrubs, wreaths, or Christmas trees.  The many choices of novelty LED string light sets include twinkle lights, morphing lights, angle flex change lights, star lights, rock lights, snowflake lights, and others.  These creative novelty LED string lights sets can be used in a variety of applications to make your Christmas decorating radiate with beauty.


Decorate  Outdoors with LED Icicle Christmas Lights

Icicle Christmas lights have been popular for more than two decades.  LED icicle Christmas lights radiate with magnificence and bold illumination.  LED icicle Christmas lights have an energy efficient advantage over traditional icicle lights.  Comparably, the LED icicle Christmas lights use about 90% less energy, have a much longer bulb life, and are available in Energy Star approved products.  LED icicle Christmas lights come in either mini-lights or wide angle lens lights.  The LED icicle Christmas lights are string lights that have perpendicular strings, or drops of icicles, of varying lengths hanging down from the main horizontal wire.  LED icicle Christmas lights are typically displayed on the eaves of a building.  LED icicle Christmas lights can also be used to decorate outdoor mantels, deck railings, and other structures like gazebos or pool houses.  Make your home glow with holiday splendor by decorating with LED icicle Christmas lights.


Accentuate your home with LED Christmas Decorations

Energy efficient LED Christmas decorations are a perfect choice for energy conscious persons.  Led Christmas decorations have numerous benefits including using little power consumption, having a long life span,  recyclable, environmentally friendly, dimmable and programmable, quick turn-on, light-weight and compact, and hard-wearing.  LED Christmas decorations are reported to use almost 90% less energy.  LED Christmas decorations are reported to last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours.  LED Christmas decorations do not contain mercury and are recyclable.  LED Christmas decorations are dimmable, programmable and quick turning-on, unlike some other lighting options.  LED Christmas decorations are durable but light-weight and compact.  In addition to string and icicle lights, other LED Christmas decorations are rope lighting, net lighting, candles, LED angels, starlight spheres, snowflakes, and table runners.  LED Christmas decorations can add sparkle to your holiday decorations and create a beautiful, long-lasting display that is cost and energy efficient.

Outdoor Christmas Lights

outdoor christmas lights
Make The Season Bright With Decorative Holiday Lights

When it comes to decorating for the holiday season, too much is never enough when using decorative holiday lights. How fun it is to brighten the neighborhood with decorative holiday lights and make your home shine with holiday splendor. Loosely hanging string lights in a vertical position on tree branches makes them appear light and airy suggesting movement. It is also fun to hang decorative holiday lights on a home’s frame giving it dimension. Decorative holiday lights can be used to spell out holiday wishes, line walkways, define shrubbery, and light up novelty shapes like stars, candy canes, bows, and a variety of Christmas characters. Decorative holiday lights look especially beautiful on wreaths. Create a luminescent luxury by means of abundant decorative holiday lights.

Add Sparkle To The Season With White Christmas Lights

White Christmas lights carry a certain elegance and sophistication about them. White Christmas lights are popular outdoor Christmas lights. White Christmas lights come in two colors. There are cool white lights and there are warm or soft white lights. Cool white Christmas lights have a bluish tint to them making them slightly brighter than the warm white Christmas lights. Warm white Christmas lights are also called soft white Christmas lights. Warm white Christmas lights have a yellowish tint to them making them less bright. Some homeowners choose to decorate the outside of their home using both cool and warm white Christmas lights. The cool white Christmas lights can act as accents on a decorating scheme. They look particularly lovely framing a tree and outlining the Star of David. Cool white lights can also highlight holiday figures making them stand out. Warm white Christmas lights add a soft glow to holiday decorating and can help frame a house or softly lit other holiday objects. Using both cool and warm white Christmas lights creates a spectacular outdoor Christmas display.

Create A Beautiful Outdoor Christmas Tree With Blue LED Christmas Lights

Every year the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Forest Service provides a Christmas tree for the lawn of the U. S. Capitol. A Christmas tree lighting ceremony has been a tradition since 1964. In 2007, blue LED Christmas lights were used as a predominant color on the Capitol tree. Blue LED Christmas lights look fabulous when combined with a minimal use of other multi-colored lights. The blue LED Christmas lights stand out from a distance and make the tree look blue. Close up, however, the blue LED Christmas lights look like an accent combined with other colors from other lights and ornaments. The effect is quite creative and striking. Try making your own beautiful blue LED Christmas lights tree this year.

Christmas Tree Lighting

Light Your Tree with LED

Christmas Tree LightingWith the US paying more attention to energy usage, it was only a matter of time before this greening trend affected Christmas tree lighting.  This year we expect to continue to see a rise in sales of the more efficient LED light strings.  In fact when queried about Christmas tree lighting, Costco buyer Lester Cox responded, “It’s obvious that LED is the wave of the lighting future”.

Consuming 75% less energy than their incandescent counter parts, these light emitting diode (LED) bulbs are an efficient way to handle holiday lighting.  In fact according to a source at GE, a total market shift to LED holiday lights could save the electrical equivalent of the power used by almost 500,000 households.

Of course, energy efficiency is not the only reason the market is moving to these new bulbs.  Since the new LED bulbs generate less heat than conventional bulbs, they are not only less costly to operate but safer to use. In addition, LED bulbs are reported to last up to 10 times longer than regular incandescent Christmas bulbs.

Costco to Feature LED for the Holidays

At a recent trip to Costco we spotted the early arrival of two sku’s of GE’ holiday lights. strings.  We noted these styles, the larger C9 bulbs and the smaller, more unusual C6 “strawberry bulbs.”

trends in xmas decoration 3

C9 Bulbs

Christmas Tree Lighting 2

C6 Bulbs

Which LED Xmas Lights to Choose

C9 LED Bulbs are the bulb of choice for outdoor Christmas tree lighting projects.  These bulbs are larger and thus more visible from a distance.  They’re also insulated and can stand up to the extremes of outdoor weather.

For indoor Christmas tree lighting, consider the sweet, little nostalgic looking C6 LED bulbs. Reminiscent of the little lights used in the 1940’s, these LED’s now feature diamond etching.  Unlike the bulbs of yesteryear, these bulbs stay lit–even when one burns out.

Currently, these are the selections available, but as Christmas nears more styles of LED Christmas lights are sure to arrive at your local retailer.

What’s Hot: LED Christmas Decorations

Use C7 LED Christmas Lights in both Indoor and Outdoor Applications

whats hot LED christmas decorationsFor hundreds of years, people celebrated Christmas by decorating their homes with trees, wreaths, and assorted lights.  Within the last decade, development of the C7 LED Christmas lights offers the advantage of cool-to-the-touch, energy efficient, and recyclable lighting.  Like its predecessor C7 incandescent bulb, C7 LED Christmas lights can be used indoors or outdoors and are moisture, shock, and vibration resistant.  The C7 LED Christmas lights make a wonderful night light year-round emitting a soft glow in the home.  Whether buying new sets or purchasing replacement bulbs for traditional sets, you can’t go wrong with C7 LED Christmas lights to make your LED Christmas decorations sparkle.

whats hot LED christmas decorations 1Save Money With Energy Efficient C9 LED Christmas Lights

C9 LED Christmas lights have all the same features and advantages of the C7 LED Christmas lights but come in a larger size for bigger displays of light and color.  Like the C7 bulbs, the C9 LED Christmas lights are just the solution if you want to use a traditional C9 cord with LED bulbs.  Considering the reduce, reuse, and recycle concept, it’s nice to know that C9 LED Christmas lights can easily replace traditional incandescent light bulbs saving money and the environment.  Make your Christmas illuminations more affordable with the use of C9 LED Christmas lights.

Battery LED Christmas lights

whats hot LED christmas decorations 2If freedom and ease are your style, try battery LED Christmas lights.  Don’t worry about unsightly extension cords.  A simple small battery pack powers enough light to keep the battery LED Christmas lights shining bright for a long time.  They come in candles and tea lights, star-shaped lights, wide angle lens lamps, and the ever so popular mini-lights.  Mini ice lights can also be found.  Every color of the rainbow is available to battery LED Christmas lights.  For the first time ever, illuminating cloth materials like clothing for theatre, dance, parades, etc. is safe and easy with the wonderful invention of battery LED Christmas lights.  Of course, decorating the home or office is safe and easy with battery LED Christmas lights.  A hostess can light up a party with battery LED Christmas tea lights and not need to worry about burning down the building.  Try using battery LED Christmas lights for your holiday entertaining this year and see how safe and easy they are.

What are LED Christmas Lights?

In recent years, LED Christmas lights have proven to be a more durable, energy efficient and cost effective way of illuminating your home around the holidays. They use much less wattage, they run 50-times longer and are safer all around. But what exactly is this technology, and more importantly, why is it so much more efficient than the run-of-the-mill incandescent bulbs?

Why LED for Holiday Lights?

what are led xmas lights 48Let’s look at a little history of LED technology: The discovery of LED technology is thanks to a Russian radio technician named Oleg Vladimirovich Losev who discovered in the 1920s, that the diodes in radios emitted light. In fact, LED stands for light-emitting diode. LED technology is based on the movement of electrons through a electric diode and when the diode is turned on, energy is released in the form of light.

While Losev is credited to the discovery, any practical use wasn’t discovered until the 1960s when a General Electric employee named Nick Holoyak Jr. developed the modern light-emitting diode. But it wasn’t until 1968 when Hewlett Packard found a real use for the technology in their calculators. Since their inception, it has been realized that LED technology was much more energy efficient than using incandescent lighting, but was more expensive because it required a more exact science. It was in 1998 when LEDs were being used for Christmas lighting.

what are led xmas lights 48 1LEDs Used in Christmas Decor

Today, America is beginning to switch over to LEDs in all aspects such as lawn lighting, outdoor home lighting and Christmas lighting. In 2007, the famous Rockefeller Center tree in New York City was illuminated with 100% LED lights. In today’s tough times, the fairly new technology is gaining large momentum in the holiday decorating industry is saving businesses and consumers lots of money by cutting back 75% of holiday energy consumption while stimulating the economy.

String Your Tree With LED Christmas Lights

This season, forget about throwin’ the old tangled strings of bulbs on the your fir, and get yourself some efficient tree lights. We’re talking about the newest wave, all the rave LED Christmas tree lights. They save energy, they last long, and they look great on your tree.

Facts About Christmas Tree Lighting

Since the beginning of tree decorating, families have vigilantly worried about the dangers of their incandescent bulbs around their beautiful evergreen. The number one worry? – overheating. Even the modern television show “Mythbusters” has presented the world with the dangers of Christmas tree lighting, and according to the University of Arkansas Agriculture Department, Christmas tree lights “make the perfect ignition source.”

The tradition of lighting an evergreen tree with lights and ornaments originated in Germany in the Early Modern Era and the first Christmas tree illuminated with electrical lights was produced by an associate of Thomas Edison named Edward H. Johnson. It is said that each individual bulb on the 80-light strand was the size of a walnut.

Whether you have a real fir tree or an artificial tree, the danger of your tree setting a flame is present in the holiday season. In using LED Christmas tree lights you save money as well as putting your mind at ease.

Facts About LED Christmas Tree Lights

In this new economic outlook, consumers will  be pleased to know that each bulb on a string of LED Christmas tree lights uses only .1 watts of power as opposed to the old incandescents that use .48 watts per bulb. And instead of glass, LED lights are surrounded by a molded plastic, protecting children and pets from a household disaster.

Plan on using these lights for years to come? Well no problem because LEDs will last you about 100,000 hours on your tree lasting 39-times longer than incandescent bulbs. You could keep your tree up year-round if you so choose.

So what’s the cost of keep your tree and loved ones safe? Well, according to, Christmas tree fires are at about 200 annually and the lights are the main reason. Since LEDs have this low energy consumption, they run very cool, so you might pay a little for the convenience – about $10 per 50 bulbs.