June 27, 2019

Residential Holiday Lighting Services for the Chicago Area



Holiday Concepts

In the Chicago area, Holiday Concepts of Romeoville, makes an excellent choice for a total holiday lighting specialist.  With a full menu of services, the Holiday Concepts team of experts can offer you every holiday lighting service you could possibly desire. 



 Holiday concepts can help you with:

1. Holiday lighting design for the exterior of your home and yard.

2. Installation of your outdoor holiday lights

3. Timely efficient and careful take-down, as well as safe, secure, organized storage of your holiday lights. 

 Not sure what really makes sense for you and your budget? The folks at Holiday Concepts can create a custom package that exactly fits the needs of you, your home, your budget and your family.

Holiday Lighting.Org found plenty of reasons to recommend Holiday Concepts of Romeoville to residents of Chicagolad.  An ideal company to handle all your outdoor holiday decorating and lighting needs, Holiday Concepts is unique in that all the installers are employed by the company and fully trained in-house.  Unlike many firms, Holiday Concepts will never send outside contractors to handle your decorating.  All lighting and decorating is handled by the company with their own fully insured employees. Holiday Concepts  has almost 10 years of experience meeting customer’s needs.  The well-trained staff of this company  can pre-empt problems– like making sure you have sufficient electricity to avoid blown circuits and making sure electric cords are hidden so your holiday display looks great in the daytime as well as at night.

In addition to reliable set-up and trustworthy employees, Holiday Concepts offers an excellent response time in the unlikely event some of your decorations should require service.  If something should malfunction in your display, Holiday Concepts guarantees a response within 48 hours.  And 99% of the time, we found they had someone there to correct problems in 24 hours or less. 

Holiday Concepts  also warranties it’s work.  The firm can store your decorations and any products you may purchase from them in their own insured warehouse.  With all that Holiday Concepts has to offer, why would you bother even thinking about climbing that ladder this holiday season?

To reach Holiday Concepts in Romeoville, IL, call 630-754-8850, 1-800-856-9303 or follow this link:  www.hclights.com



Sources for Christmas Lights, Reliable Installers

Hang Christmas Bulbs To Make The Holiday Season Sparkle

Christmas bulbs help to create an irresistible and radiant Christmas tree.  Christmas bulbs can be wrapped around a live or artificial evergreen tree.  Evergreen trees are the most popular Christmas tree and are displayed both indoors and outdoors.  Christmas bulbs are typically hung in a spiral pattern swirling around the entire tree creating a festive holiday feel.  Another typical decorating method is to arrange Christmas bulbs on deciduous trees, looping the string lights on bare branches.  Sometimes both branches and base are wrapped with Christmas bulbs and sometimes just the top part of the tree is decorated with lights.  Christmas bulbs on these trees can be hung in a spiral swirling around the tree in a similar fashion as is done with the evergreen trees.  Christmas bulbs can also be hung in a vertical pattern with special care in emphasizing the tree’s three-dimensional shape.  Another good use for vertically hung Christmas bulbs is to create a triangular tree shape out of string lights supported against a flat or a frame structure.  The flat structure could be a building, like a house, or even a piece of plywood cut into a tree shape.  Christmas bulbs arranged on a frame look particularly beautiful due to the transparency of the decoration.  Frames can be constructed of metal, plastic, or, even, branches.  Creativity abounds when planning your holiday’s luminescent luxury.

Buy Christmas Lights From Honest And Reliable Sources

Care needs to be considered when planning to buy Christmas lights.  Only buy Christmas lights from a local retailer or from a reputable online vendor and pay attention to warranties.  Never buy Christmas lights that have already been used.  This can create a safety and fire hazard.  Christmas lights are manufactured to last about 90 days, so their average life span is about three years.  It’s a good idea to get an extra set or two when one plans to buy Christmas lights.  This allows for appropriate replacement parts of blown-out bulbs.  Another factor to consider when one plans to buy Christmas lights is that no more than three strands of Christmas tree lights should be strung together.  Careful measurement of outdoor spaces is particularly important when one plans to buy Christmas lights to decorate the outside.  A radiant outdoor display can use thousands of light sets.  Proper planning of how many light sets are going to be used and how they will be plugged in is very important when considering how to buy Christmas lights.

Get Help With Christmas Lights Installation

christ lite installThere are many advantages to having a professional Christmas lights installation.  A professional service will take care of design, measurement, installation, and take down.  The most important factor to consider in Christmas lights installation is safety.  A Christmas lights installation professional can hang Christmas lights efficiently and safely.  Safety is most important with Christmas lights installation in considering the number of lights needed, location of power sources, and the number of watts that can run on each circuit.  In outdoor applications, the Christmas lights installation can reach great heights.  Trees and buildings can be many feet tall, combined with sloping landscapes and uneven surfaces, making Christmas lights installation sometimes quite dangerous.  In addition to safety, the Christmas lights installation is a labor intensive job that is most easily accomplished by a professional holiday light installer.  A Christmas lights installation can help create a magnificently radiant and cheerful glow to brighten the spirits of family, friends, and neighbors throughout the holiday season.

This Holiday Season, Let the Professionals Set Up Your Outdoor Christmas Decor

Outdoor Christmas Décor can be a Hassle
This Holoday Season Let the Professionals set up your outdoor christmas decorEvery year, as the holiday season approaches, millions of Americans arm themselves with ladders, lights and boxes of ornaments for the purpose of decorating their homes for Christmas. While some enjoy the work that goes into this process, many consider it a burden and may even opt to not decorate at all in order to spare themselves the trouble. But for a nominal fee, those who want their homes to exude holiday cheer without them having to put in the labor can hire decorating professionals to give their yards a look that will slow the pace of any passers-by.

This Holoday Season Let the Professionals set up your outdoor christmas decor 1Besides the obvious benefits of not spending the time to decorate and avoiding the risk of injury, those who hire professional decorators also gain the luxury of an outside perspective when it comes to the design scheme of their outdoor Christmas décor.

“It’s obvious when a person has hired a professional to decorate their home or business,” said Robert Bralich, owner of the Christmas Décor franchises in SE Wisconsin. “The look is clearly superior, we use higher quality materials than the average person has access to and we work with our clients to design a look especially for them.” Bralich added that other benefits include freeing up the client’s time over the holiday season by not having to set up, take down and make periodic checks to ensure their lights are working properly. All of that is taken care of by his company. And for businesses, Bralich noted that employee and customer moral is at its highest when in a well-decorated environment.

“Plus,” said Bralich, “when a person attempts to decorate a home or business themselves it often comes across as tacky. More often than not, a person will over-do it with the lights to the point that you can see them from the moon. But when you hire professionals, your home or business is given a tactful shine that will grab the attention of anyone who sees it.”

This Holoday Season Let the Professionals set up your outdoor christmas decor 2Contribute to the Design with Novelty Lighting

And for those who want their home or business to have a professional look, but still want to contribute to the decorating process, there are slews of novelty Christmas lights and ornaments that are sure to add the personal touch you’re looking for. These can range anywhere from traditional plastic Santa and snowman statues to inflatable Christmas-themed Simpsons characters and many more.

So this holiday season, take the hassle out of your outdoor decorating by leaving it to the professionals. While they do the work, you and your neighbors are free to sit back and admire the splendor of a well decorated home.


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Bralich, Robert: owner of SE Wisconsin Christmas Décor franchises. Interviewed on the phone 6/17/09. 414.351.1925