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Do-it-youself instructions Archives - Holiday Lighting

December 4, 2022

Festive Lights Add Sparkle to Outdoors

patioBrighten Outdoor Spaces Using Festive Patio Lights

Opportunities abound when considering festive patio lights for use on your private patio.  One fun idea is to hang window boxes on a deck railing aglow with patio lights.  Make sure to purchase appropriate size window boxes to cover an evenly spaced portion of the deck railing.  A good rule to follow is to cover about a third of the available space.  Too few window boxes will make the patio lights seem cheap and understated while too much decoration will overwhelm the viewer with too many patio lights.  First, plant the window box with any of your favorite greenery.  One example is fragrant rosemary trees.  Next, hang the planted window box on the deck railing.  Then, cut garden stakes the height of the plants and insert them into the soil.  The stakes will support the patio lights but will be hidden by the plants.  Lastly, wrap mini string patio lights through the stakes and around the plants.  The number of patio lights needed depends on whether a subtle delicate decoration is desired or a bright fiery bold display is most wanted.  Patio lights can transform and outdoor living space from a cold wintry area into a warm inviting radiant atmosphere.  When springtime comes, pretty flowers can replace the patio lights in the window boxes for a warmer and more colorful display.  Decorate your patio or deck this holiday using bright and cheerful patio lights in versatile window boxes. 


Radiant Wreath Lights To Add Charm To Private Spaces

Hanging a wreath chandelier illuminated with wreath lights will create a festive decorative touch to any outdoor living space.  Hang the horizontal evergreen wreath decorated with wreath lights upside down.  The first step is to purchase an artificial evergreen Christmas wreath with battery-operated wreath lights and timer already attached.  Pre-lit battery-operated Christmas wreaths with timers attached eliminate unsightly cords and provide the convenience of not having to regularly turn on wreath lights.  Next, measure the diameter of the wire frame on the back of the wreath.  On the porch ceiling where the wreath lights are needed for illumination, attach five cup hooks in a circle matching the size of the wreath.  Hang the wreath from the cup hooks and decorate with Christmas ornaments around the wreath lights.  A chandelier made out of wreath lights can be a fun and symbolic way to decorate during the holidays.  The circular shape of the wreath symbolizes God’s eternity and unity.  Evergreens symbolize the persistence of life during the long winter months.  After the holidays are over, the ornaments can be taken off and the wreath with wreath lights can remain as a decorative illumination on the porch during the winter months as a reminder of the persistence of life.


Create A Wintry Scene By Applying Snowflake Lighting To Outdoor Objects

Snowflakes, as a symbol of the winter season, make a fun and joyful shape to novelty string lighting.  Snowflake lighting can easily transform outdoor shrubbery and evergreen trees into cheerful decorations.  A search through stores or over the internet will yield various snowflake lighting shapes and sizes from many manufacturers.  Large snowflake lighting looks particularly lovely on large evergreen trees that will be viewed from a distance.  Smaller snowflake lighting can be used on smaller displays appropriate for closer-range viewing, for instance, topiary trees placed near an entrance to the home.  The serenity, peace, and tranquility of snowflake lighting make a perfect welcoming symbol.  Be sure to decorate with many strings of snowflake lighting this holiday season to warmly welcome guests to the calm, peaceful beauty of your home.

Cheerful Yard Lighting Makes Holiday Merry


lighted houseDevelop A Plan Before Setting Out To Buy Christmas Lights

An uncoordinated and mismatched Christmas lights display will make any festive holiday yard hope for better.  When planning to buy Christmas lights for a special yard display, keep in mind basic principles of art and design:  unity, variety, balance, contrast, proportion, and pattern.  Buy Christmas lights with attention to unity.  Make all yard decorations coordinate to tell one story/theme.  An example would be a monochromatic white lights display illuminating trees, shrubs, house, doorways, wreaths, and special decorations.  A second design principle to consider when setting out to buy Christmas lights is variety.  Variety is important to emphasize visual diversity emphasizing different forms and types.  A key factor to keep in mind is to use the same type of light throughout the entire display but use different types of light displays including tree lighting, shrub lighting, wreath lighting, outlining walkways, outlining buildings, and novelty lighting.  Balance is another important consideration when intending to buy Christmas lights.  A Christmas lights display looks best when the yard lighting is balanced throughout the property and not on one side only or in one small area.  Buy Christmas lights keeping in mind contrast between light and dark.  Carefully light dark areas to focus on shapes and interesting forms like an evergreen tree, a wreath, or a doorway.  Consideration of proportion is helpful when planning to buy Christmas lights.  A large yard can easily handle large Christmas light displays including light strings with large C9 bulbs or a plethora of mini lights.  A great way to add proportion and illusion in a holiday display is to light a large object while highlighting several smaller objects.  Some large items to focus on are a house or a large evergreen tree.  Pattern is important to keep in mind when setting out to buy Christmas lights.  Light strings are easy to manipulate and hang in a pattern.  A swirling pattern of light strings draped in trees looks particularly lovely during the holidays.  Hanging tree lights can create a look of activity and excitement in anticipation of the season.  A well thought out plan can create a beautiful festive holiday lights display and make a trip to the stores for Christmas lights more enjoyable when knowing exactly what to buy.


White Mini LED Lights Don’t Mix Well With White Incandescent Mini Lights

Mini LED lights are energy efficient and a smart choice when replacing traditional incandescent mini lights.  White mini LED lights give off a different color, however, and don’t mix well with white incandescent lights.  Mini LED lights give off a cool bluish white tint while incandescent lights give off a warm yellowish white tint.  To avoid replacing all lights at the same time, people try to mix mini LED lights with incandescent.  This does not work well and should be avoided.  Mini LED lights are a smart choice and should be used exclusively with other LED lighting.


Create Sparkling Scenes Of Wonder And Joy With Festive Lighting

Festive lighting brings joy to many.  Festive lighting inspires the soul and illuminates the Christmas spirit within one’s essence.  Festive lighting is the beacon of peace within a crazy holiday time.  Festive lighting gives a touch of holiday spirit to the dark winter nights.  Festive lighting makes our holiday yards joyful, inspirational, peaceful, and spiritual.

Technological Advances Make Holiday Lighting More Fun


Battery Christmas Lights Can Be Used In Non-Traditional Ways

Perhaps you’ve seen A Charlie Brown Christmas where Snoopy decorated his dog house with battery Christmas lights and won first place in the neighborhood’s lights and display contest.  Now, you too can decorate with battery Christmas lights. 


christmas dogHow about decorating the family pooch with LED battery Christmas lights?  Today’s LED battery Christmas lights allow you to safely give your pet that holiday glow and entertain your guests at the next holiday party.  LED battery Christmas lights are cool-to-the-touch and comfortable to wear.  What can be more fun than hanging icicle lights from your Great Dane or decking your little white dog out in multi-colored LED battery Christmas lights.  So this year, put the “fa la la” into your pooch’s attire with today’s new LED battery Christmas lights.  Decorating with holiday lighting has never been more versatile or easy to adapt to new and creative applications.  With a little imagination, you can illuminate almost anything and bring that Christmas spirit into all parts of your life.  Your pet, car, or even that favorite holiday sweater can sparkle and shine with the glow of battery Christmas lights.


Outdoor Xmas Decorations Require Planning and Thought

When illuminating the exterior of your home with Xmas decorations, it is important to have a plan and a theme.  Without both, the resulting Xmas decorations can look like a horrifying display of color and texture.  The number of Xmas decorations available in stores today can result in the, “Hey, it’s on sale and it will look good in my yard this year” mentality.  This holiday enthusiast buys whatever Xmas decorations are on sale with no thought to design, theme, or color.  When home, the Xmas decorations are set up and lit upon dark.  A riot of color and lack of balance confuses the senses.  Neighbors desire that the Xmas decorations be taken down.  A smart decorator will begin with color.  Balance is also important in Xmas decorations.  This will ensure a good flow of attention across your Xmas decorations display.  Novelty yard Xmas decorations require a theme.  It’s not a good idea to place The Grinch directly next to a nativity scene.  Mixing themes in Xmas decorations will look cluttered and out of control.  Be careful, however, of sparsely decorated exteriors.  For example, the thin white outline of lights along the gutters and roof lines looks clean and consistent but is overdone and sterile.  The best Xmas decorations strike a balance between the conservative approach and the non-color coordinated chaos.  Remember always, exterior Xmas decorations are about having fun and expressing creativity.  If unsure, get a second opinion and have a happy holiday.


The Little Xmas Lights That CouldC7 LED

One year ago in a distant China workshop, there was a happy little strand of LED Xmas lights that knew it would soon be illuminated and admired.  It was shipped to a store where many unimpressed eyes looked at it then put it back on its shelf.  Many months passed and hope dwindled while the LED Xmas lights sat in the store unlit.  After Christmas it went on sale and remained unhappy in the store.  A few more months passed and during the long hot summer the Xmas lights almost lost hope.  The Christmas season came again, however, and this time there was an increased interest in energy efficient LED Xmas lights due to a weak economy.  The little strand of LED Xmas lights was purchased this time and displayed on a grand Christmas tree to be admired by many.  The LED Xmas lights shined brighter than all the other lights that Christmas.

Battery Christmas Lights Provide Safe and Easy Decorating


Technological Advances Have Improved the Popular Christmas Mini Lights

What could be better than stringing mini lights throughout your home and yard each Christmas to create a festive cheerful holiday for all to enjoy?  Technological advances make our lives much easier year after year, including advances with Christmas decorations.  Today’s mini lights have come a long way from those of previous years.  Electric, solar, or battery power sources are available today making mini lights even easier to use.  Most people are familiar with electric mini lights and being careful to not overload an electrical outlet.  Solar mini lights need direct sunlight and are best used in warmer climates that typically have longer sunlit days.  Battery Christmas mini lights are becoming more popular and are a great alternative to traditional mini lights.  The main advantages of battery mini lights are no cords, no timers, and cost-savings.  Without the need for messy, unsightly cords, creative uses of mini lights are endless.  Lighting holiday displays with battery operated mini lights becomes much easier without figuring out how to hide cords.  Another new hassle-free feature is an automatic timing system eliminating the need for traditional timers.  This new system remembers to turn on at the same time each day and shuts off after six hours.  All you need to do is pick a time, turn the mini lights on and they remember each day thereafter.  Cordless mini lights use only one set of batteries each season and low voltage LED Christmas mini lights save money when compared to classic mini lights that need standard electricity to operate.  The new cordless Christmas mini lights are a great value and an excellent way to add pizzazz to your holiday decorating.


branchLots of New Figurines Provide Endless Possibilities for Novelty Christmas Lights

Choosing novelty Christmas lights is becoming easier with more options available to the public.  Both retail stores and websites are showing numerous new battery powered novelty Christmas lights to festively decorate any indoor or outdoor space.  Options include novelty Christmas lights on lawn sculptures such as nativity scenes, deer, angels, snowmen, Santa, penguins, ornaments, or candy canes.  Other options for novelty Christmas lights include pathway lights decorated with figurines or shapes such as angels, stars, or snowflakes.  Without the need to manage electric cords, novelty Christmas lights are easier to manipulate into creative scenes.  Inside decorating becomes easier with battery powered novelty Christmas lights also.  Have fun and get creative and enjoy the convenience of battery powered novelty Christmas lights.  


For Optimum Energy Efficiency, Try Battery Powered LED Christmas Lights

Battery operated Christmas lights and decorations are available with both incandescent and LED Christmas lights.  For people who are interested in reducing their footprint upon this earth, battery powered LED Christmas lights are just the answer.  Battery powered LED Christmas lights are available both in retail stores and on the internet.  Just look carefully for the wording, “cordless” or “battery operated” and “LED” lights.  Battery operated LED Christmas lights are a great solution today to address energy efficiency.  Light Emitting Diode, or LED, Christmas lights are longer-lasting, consumes 90% less energy, maintenance free, durable, cool to the touch, brightly colored, lightweight and compact, quick to turn on, recyclable, and environmentally friendly with no mercury or toxins.  Chose to be “green” this Christmas and purchase battery operated LED Christmas lights.  Saving money and using less energy make battery powered LED Christmas lights a smart choice for your holiday illuminations.

Share in the Spirit–Hang Outdoor Christmas Lighting


snowflakeCreate a Winter Wonderland with Snowflake Lights in Your Yard

Whether big white puffs of freshly fallen snow have just fallen in your yard or not, hanging snowflake lights can help set a mood for a white wintry festive holiday season.  The anticipation of a powdery light and airy snowfall helps create great excitement during the festive holidays.  Snowflake lights can help stir great imagination and wonder of the season.  Use snowflakes lights in your yard to share the anticipation of the season with family, friends, and neighbors.  Snowflake lights come in many lighting types and sizes.  A search through retail stores, magazines, or the internet will yield a plethora of all sorts of snowflake lights.  There are snowflake lights for “green” minded people.  A few manufacturers produce LED snowflake lights for people who are concerned with energy efficiency.  LED snowflake lights have a number of advantages including longer lasting, 90% less energy consumption, and environmentally friendly.  Snowflake lights are also available in traditional string sets for those who prefer that.  Traditional snowflake lights are less expensive up front and could be desirable for people who don’t keep their lights sets very long.  Snowflake lights can be hung in trees, draped on shrubbery, mounted on poles and made into yard decorations, or even hung on the eaves of a house to frame its outline.  There are an infinite number of ways to use snowflake lights.  Encourage joyful anticipation of this wonderful time of the year and hang snowflake lights throughout your yard.


Illuminate Your Home This Holiday Season With Christmas Lamps

Of course, traditional Christmas lamps decorated in many Christmas themes can be found just about anywhere.  An internet search will show numerous indoor and outdoor Christmas lamps of all types, shapes, and sizes.  There are even inflatable outdoor Christmas lamps illuminated from within.  Perhaps the most interesting and remarkable Christmas lamp comes from a remake of the “major award” the Old Man received in the movie, A Christmas Story.  The “major award” was a quirky leg lamp with fringed gallery silk shade that he so proudly displayed, at the dismay of his wife, in his front window for all neighbors to share in his enjoyment.  The leg lamp displayed a nicely developed female butt cheek, chubby thigh, and knobby knee with a fishnet stocking and elegant stiletto heel.  This Christmas lamp would make a fun gift and great conversation piece and, if ordered over the internet, the leg lamp ships in a box marked, “his end up” and “fragile” just like it’s shown in A Christmas Story.  For more information, check out the website,  Ignite the spirit and decorate your home with festive and jovial Christmas lamps.


Accentuate Entrances To Your Home With Wreath Lights

Decorating for the holidays can be cheerful, especially when attending to details like wreath lights.  It is commonly thought that wreaths placed on entry ways into the home, or in the home itself, is a symbol of welcome and hospitality.  Placing wreath lights on a wreath is a wonderful way to illuminate and highlight your joy of hosting guests.  Electrical, solar, or battery-operated wreath lights can be used to light up your wreath.  Electrical wreath lights provide a consistent bright light but can be cumbersome in dealing with the power cord.  Solar wreath lights would work in outdoor applications, especially on a south-facing door.  Battery-operated wreath lights are perhaps the most convenient option because the power source can be hidden within the wreath.  The luminary effects of wreath lights make a special welcoming to all of your guests.

Outdoor Christmas Lights Safety


Take Precautions When Hanging Christmas Lights Outdoors

 hanging lights

It’s no secret that outdoor Christmas lights can turn any home and yard into a holiday wonderland. However, it’s important to be as mindful of safety when hanging Christmas lights outdoors as it is when setting them up indoors.  As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.



Landscape Lighting Selection Smarts

Common sense dictates that all products used for exterior and landscape lighting purposes be intended specifically for installation outdoors. The same is true for all extension cords used to provide power to outdoor Christmas lights, which should be rated for outdoor use. Additionally, before purchasing any extension cord, check the package for the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) seal. UL is an independent laboratory that evaluates electrical products for safety–and if a cord isn’t UL-rated, leave it on the store’s shelves.


Go For the Ground–The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter


Precautions for hanging Christmas lights outdoors aren’t limited to proper outdoor Christmas lighting selection and the purchase of appropriate extension cords. It’s also a smart idea to buy a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, or GFCI — “the most effective means for protecting consumers against electrical shock hazards,” according to Document 5040 of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. A GFCI is the small red rectangle that lies between the upper and lower sets of holes of some electrical outlets. It constantly monitors current flowing in a circuit to sense any loss of current. If the current flowing through two circuit conductors differs by a very small amount, the GFCI instantly interrupts the current flow to prevent users from coming into contact with a lethal amount of electricity. GFCIs are especially critical to use with outdoor Christmas lights, whose wires and bulbs can be damaged by unpredictable and sometimes severe weather.


Call In the Pros

For yet another layer of landscape lighting safety, hire an electrician to check all outlets and GFCIs to determine whether they are operating properly and can supply the necessary volume of power to your exterior Christmas lighting display. Asking the electrician to install extra outlets is a wise course of action if he or she deems them necessary. Otherwise, you run the risk of pluging too many lights into one outlet, overloading the circuit and causing a power failure or a fire. When setting up landscape lighting, remember also that water and electricity make a terrible and potentially dangerous combination. Without fail, keep electrical connections clear of snow and puddles and ensure that sockets point downward when inserting bulbs into them. Never put strings of exterior Christmas lights on trees that come into contact with power lines. And finally, do not hang outdoor Christmas lights on trees that touch, or could potentially touch, power lines. Better safe than sorry!

Unify Community Spirit Using Outdoor Holiday Lights

house lights 

Communities Share Camaraderie When Holiday Decorating

Subdivisions across America can come together during the holidays by coordinating holiday decorating.  Nearly every home in one subdivision in the Western suburbs of Chicago shares in the holiday spirit by planning and coordinating their holiday decorating.  Some homes choose to accent their homes, some accent their landscapes, and some homes accent both in their holiday decorating.  Neighbors get together to decorate parkway trees to create a tunnel effect driving through the neighborhood.  Some streets are lined with monochromatic white tree trunks and green foliage and some neighbors choose to do the opposite color scheme.  Some homeowners like to be more colorful and choose multi-colored Christmas lights or other colored light combinations in the holiday decorating of their parkway trees.  The beauty not only lies in the holiday decorating but in neighbors coming together for a common purpose.  This spirit can be taken further.  After years of decorating and adding to their collections, some homeowners go all out in their holiday decorating.  There are homes whose entire garages, fronted with clear plexiglass, are devoted to holiday splendor.  One home has an elaborate train set displayed in their garage staged in a winter mountainous small town Christmas festival.  Many homeowners also create festive winter wonderlands throughout their outdoors.  In addition to hanging numerous outdoor Christmas lights, some homeowners pipe in speakers playing holiday music from local radio stations and provide candy canes to visitors adjacent to a donation basket.  The use of outdoor Christmas lights, speakers coordinated with twinkling lights, candy canes offered to visitors, interactive displays for children, and the smell of the great outdoors all come together as part of a multi-sensory holiday decorating experience that’s fun for everyone.


Neighbors Coordinate Yard Lighting To Unite In The Holiday Spirit

Ideas abound when planning yard lighting for a unified neighborhood holiday lights display.  Neighbors can consider stringing lights on shrubbery and trees, spotlighting wreaths, and lighting pathways to make yard lighting festive for all who pass by.  Elaborate displays can be placed inside glass boxes and staged on one’s lawn as part of a protective yard decoration.  The yard lighting of these displays is best when spotlights are used to up light the display.  Popular figurines like Pooh Bear and Tigger or Snoopy and Woodstock are shown in festive holiday poses and accented with yard lighting.  Yard lighting makes the holiday season more festive for all.


Homeowners Create Festive Displays With Window Holiday Lights

Another way a community can organize a unified holiday display is with the use of window holiday lights.  Festive window holiday lights can be displayed in various ways.  Special scenes like the nativity, Santa carrying presents, elves peeking over window sills looking to see if the children have been naughty or nice, or any other holiday related scene make an impressive use of window holiday lights.  Other ideas for window holiday lights can include outlining the top of the window frame with icicle lights, outlining the window frame with rope lighting, hanging special shapes like the Moravian Star or Starlight Spheres, or creating a special design of your own.  The creativity is endless when using window holiday lights and the best part is the display is contained inside free from weather or harm.  Encourage all of your neighbors to decorate with window holiday lights to create a luminescent luxury for all to see when driving through your neighborhood.

Have Fun With Your Holiday Lighting Installation


Creative Holiday Decorating–Easier Than You Think  

It’s almost holiday lighting installation time! This year, why not try your hand at some creative holiday decorating? It’s not difficult once you think about how many different types of lights there are, and how many different “twists” on using them there might be.  

Icchristmas sculptureicle Lights: Not Just For Roofs Anymore

Icicle lights that look like the real thing have become a very popular part of holiday lighting installation for many consumers. Not only do they look pretty; they’re a breeze to install.

But don’t just hang these underneath your home’s roof line and call it “creative holiday decorating”! Outdoors, try stringing together multiple strings of icicle lights and spreading them across an expanse of your front porch railing or shrubbery, or wrapping them around front porch columns and/or banisters. Mixing various colors of icicle lights is another option, both outdoors and indoors. Speaking of innovative holiday lighting installation indoors, consider accenting the inside of a large living room window or the top of a door with a sweep of icicle lights, devising window “curtains” made of light strings or weaving icicle lights and garland together to decorate a banister.  

On A Rope

If you’re like a majority of consumers, the only part rope lights play in your holiday lighting installation plan is as an accent for Christmas trees, outdoor railings, and fences. But, there’s more to it than that! The light PVC material from which rope lights are manufactured makes them very flexible, so try to put together an interesting assortment of ready-made Christmas rope light sculptures. You might also take advantage of the availability of rope lights in a range of colors–green, red and white as well as less traditional shades like blue and pink–to give a distinctive look to your Yuletide décor. And while rope lights can be configured to give off “steady” light, it’s fun–and a good creative holiday decorating practice–to experiment with the various “flashing” effects you can set using a controller.  

Beyond the Yard and Living Room

Who says holiday lighting installation has to be limited to landscapes and living rooms? Other rooms benefit just as much from creative holiday decorating based on illumination. Use Christmas lights to line the ceilings in your rooms. Buy and decorate mini-Christmas trees to put in the bedrooms–making them part of a larger holiday vignettes if desired. For added interest, try different bulb shapes. So forget the “same-old, same-old” holiday decorations. With the versatility of today/s lighting options, the sky’s the limit.

The Very Basics of DIY Outdoor Christmas Lights


 Lighting the Trees–

 xmas house

Probably most everyone would agree that Christmas lighting for the trees in your yard and adjacent parkway (if you have one) is a terrific idea.  But if you’ve never done this before, just how as a “newbie” do you execute this task?  Although it looks quite foolproof, as if anyone could do it, it’s helpful to have some tried and true tips.  First of all come up with a plan for what you would like the outdoor tree lights to look like.  Then if you will be decorating coniferous trees (those are the pine) select C7 and C9 Christmas light strings.  These bulbs are the old standard light bulbs that come in colors.  The C7 are the smaller ones and the C9 are the larger ones.  Unless the tree is very small, consider using the larger bulbs for a brighter tree with more visual appeal.

 For deciduous trees (those are the ones that have lost their leaves for winter), we recommend mini Christmas lights.  These are the little white Christmas lights that you’ve probably seen around on trees for years.  In fact, they are so popular they are used on many trees year round.  Among the notable establishments to use them is at New York’s Central Park eatery, Tavern on the Green. 

These little white lights lend themselves to the slender branches of this type of tree.  Yet other good choices for a deciduous tree are variations on the theme of little white lights.  Consider icicle lights, the cascading droplets of white lights.  These can also be purchased in various colors, such a green, purple, pink and blue holiday lights.  Various other icons are available in the icicle format.  We’ve seen plenty of stars and snowflakes, and sometimes even more unusual choices like candy canes, Santas and candles.


Lighting the House–

When it comes to lighting your house, any of the above mentioned bulbs can be used successfully.  In order to hang them from gutters or around eaves and windows, you might want to consider purchasing some holiday lighting clips which will make the whole process easier.

 Lighting Everything Else–Some other products you might consider trying are net lights and rope lights.  Net lights have bulbs which are attached to a net which you simply drape over a bush.  The benefit of a net is a nice uniform distribution of lights with a minimum of hassle.  Rope lights consist of a string of holiday lights encased in a plastic tube.  These work well for decorating fences, windows, stair railings and doorways.  Available in “always on” or pre-set blinking  patterns, rope lights are typically sold by the foot.  Spotlights are yet another commonly used light for Christmas decorating.  They are used to draw attention to a particular area of interest in the yard.  Trees, wreaths, doors, windows and interesting displays in the yard are often highlighted by using spots.  Another favorite of ours is to use spots for uplighting trees.  With this technique the light is placed on the ground a distance in front of the tree and pointed slightly upward. This method allows one to create a dynamic effect against the wintry, night sky.

As you plan for the holiday tap into these simply ideas and be ready with your creativity.  You’re sure to come up with some eye-popping holiday designs to spruce up the yard around your home.

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights (Cont. 1)

Electric Christmas Lights Shine Bright and Illuminate the Night

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas LightsThe story of the first electrically lit Christmas tree says Edward H. Johnson, an associate of Thomas Edison, had electric Christmas lights made especially for himself.  The first known electric Christmas tree, as pictured here, was reportedly displayed in Johnson’s New York home in December, 1882.  Electric Christmas lights are still hung in this manner, indoors and outdoors, more than a century later!  Clearly, people love the luminescent luxury of decorating for the holidays using electric Christmas lights.  One of the easiest ways to hang electric Christmas lights is to start from the bottom and move upwards in a ribbon candy pattern, an “S” curve, that travels back and forth around one-third of the tree at a time.  Electric Christmas lights can also be used to outline a building or landscaping.  Hanging Christmas lights on a building is best done using lighting clips.  Small and transparent plastic clips are good for attaching lights to gutters or roofs and are discrete enough to allow them to be hung year-round and reused in future years.

Battery-Operated Christmas Lights Are Safe and Easy to Use

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights 1Battery-operated Christmas lights are the perfect answer when deciding how to hang outdoor Christmas lights where electrical outlets are not available or are hard to reach.  The freedom and ease of battery-operated Christmas lights allows anyone who wants to illuminate their outdoors to do so without the inconvenience of unsightly extension cords.  A small battery pack powers light sets for a long time and allows for discrete camouflage.  Holiday decorating can be safe and easy with the convenience of battery-operated Christmas lights.

Solar-Powered Christmas Lights Glow with Radiant Energy

go green with solar string lights 1Solar-powered Christmas lights are a dream-come true for “green” enthusiasts.  These energy efficient lights use an energy panel that collects radiant energy from the sun during the day to power a battery that automatically turns on when dark providing light throughout the night.  Hung in the same manner as all other string lights, solar-powered Christmas lights can decorate trees, shrubs, and buildings.  Solar-powered Christmas lights have the convenience of battery-operated Christmas lights and the advantage of being the most energy-efficient and the best for the environment.  Like battery-operated Christmas lights, solar-powered Christmas lights can be easily transported from one location to another.  Light up your holidays with solar-powered Christmas lights.