August 25, 2019

Christmas Decorating With Icicle Lights

Icicle Lights–an All-American Trend

Icicle lights are one of the more recent trends in the category of Christmas lighting.  Evoking the wintry cascade of icicles, these holiday lights have been widely used all around the country.  When planning your Christmas decorating you’ll want to include plenty of icicle lights.

Important Considerations for Holiday Lights

Contribute to the environment by using energy efficient xmas lightA few simple considerations will help your Christmas lighting project go smoothly.  Before you begin hanging your lights, formulate a plan.  Icicle lights are especially conducive to use along the roof line where they simulate the effect of winter’s own icicles.  Other good uses for icicle lights are placing across the tops of windows or affixing them to the branches of trees–all places where Mother Nature herself would place her own icicles.  Resist the temptation to place icicle lights in places where they would never accumulate naturally.  Doing so just looks silly.

Using Holiday Lights Safely
xmas decorating with Icicle lightsWhen shopping for holiday lights be sure to look for the UL (Under Writer’s Laboratory) rating.  This is a fairly good indicator that the lights have been manufactured according to safety standards that will not pose a hazard for you or your home.  When selecting lights for your Christmas decorating project be sure to purchase the right type of lights for the job.

Use indoor lights indoors and outdoor lights for outdoor applications.  Using holiday lights in the incorrect application can pose a danger and adversely affect the longevity of your Christmas decorations. Outdoor lights are designed to stand up to harsh outdoor weather conditions, while some lights are designed specifically for indoor use such as on trees.

A final suggestion is to consider a timer for managing your display of Christmas lighting.  Timers allow you to program the hours you wish your display to be actively lit and save you the hassle of turning lights on and off.  Timers are available for both indoor and outdoor applications, so choose the one that best meets the requirements of your Christmas decorating display.

LED xmas lights make holiday decorating greener 4

Shopping for Icicle Holiday Lights

Icicle Holiday Lights–Big Business

Icicle holiday lights have rapidly become one of the biggest trends in the outside Christmas lights.  Just look around your neighborhood anytime after Thanksgiving, and often even before and this is the xmas lighting trend you’re likely to see the most of.  If you’re thinking of joining the pack or even updating your current supply of icicle Christmas lights, here’s what you need to know.

Icicle Lights in Living Color

Icicle lights aren’t just cascading streams of little white Christmas lights anymore.  While some icicle lights retain this original design, many creative versions have spun off this original concept.  Variations in the length of the drops can give the bulbs a much thicker, richer effect.  Color has been added to the familiar icicle lights.  Look for them in the usual white as well as variations in blue, green, red, pink and purple.  For holidays other than Christmas you can find icicle lights in orange, green and even red, white and blue.

Icicle Lights Take Shape

shopping for icicle holiday lightsThe creativity of holiday light manufacturers doesn’t just end with color.  Increasingly there is more and more variety in the shape of icicle lights.  We’ve searched long and hard and found actual lights formed into molded icicles.  Even more unique are icicle lights in the form of stars, Snowflakes, and dangling candy canes.  You can find some of these at   For other holidays consider icicle lights in the shape of shamrocks, spiders and hearts.  You’ll find a selection of these items at

Where to Find Icicle Lights

You can find icicle lights for the holidays in lots of shopping outlets.  Mass merchants like Walmart, Target, and K-Mart carry a number of low-priced styles each season.  Hardware stores such as Ace also offer the low-cost variety as do home centers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s.  For a more unique selection look to shops that specialize in high-end home décor.  You might like the unusual selections to be found at Little Traveler in Geneva, Illinois or Just Ducky Stores in Naperville and Bolingbrook, Illinois.  For east coasters consider taking a trip over to Fountains of Wayne in Wayne, New Jersey.  You’re sure to find a mind boggling assortment of lights to choose from in that Christmas mecca.  In Michigan, you might try Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth.

Chistmaslights the Easy Way

If shopping in person isn’t your style, let your fingers do the walking by surfing the internet. Here you’ll find an endless supply and variety of icicle holiday lights.  And, if you’d rather not contend with this project yourself or feel the need to purchase the finest quality, long-lasting icicle lights possible, consider consulting a Christmas lighting contractor.  These businesses can provide you a custom-designed and installed display or simply sell you the finest quality and most unique icicle lights to be found.  We even hear an unusual type of permanent Christmas lights are hitting the streets–invisible in summer and available at the touch of a switch in winter.  For information on this type of lighting try

Outdoor Christmas Decorations–The Lure of Icicle Lights

outdoor xmas decorations the lure of Icide lights

Icicle Lights–One of the Most Popular Choices for Holiday Decorating

In recent years one of the most popular outdoor Christmas decorations has been icicle lights.  Originally available as incandescent lights, in recent years a small but growing number of these  lights are being sold as LED icicle lights.  A number of factors have been driving the high level of interest in this product.  Of the various reasons consumers opt for this product one of the most compelling is energy savings and the resulting decrease in the typical holiday time electricity bill.

What You Should Know about Purchasing LED String Lights

The biggest concern we initially heard was the additional investment required when opting for LED string lights over the more conventional incandescent Christmas lighting.  But with the resultant cost savings, many individuals were happy to make this initial sacrifice in return for the anticipated conservation of electricity.

Inherent in the selection process was the assumption that the LED icicle lights would be long lasting.  Purchasers anticipated using their string of cascading icicle lights for years to come.

Unfortunately for many who invested in this style of Christmas lighting, the years of use were not to be.   Many of the lights were manufactured with exposed steel wire which is not designed to hold up to the frequently cold and icy conditions that they were to be used in.

The biggest complaint noted was rusted wires on bulbs that prevented lights from operating when they were removed from storage for use the second year. Purchasing replacement bulbs for these light strings was more costly than purchasing traditional incandescent Christmas light bulbs.

The Key to Buying Long Lasting LED Icicle Lights

How can you avoid this problem?  Fortunately many manufacturers have finally caught this error. If you select carefully and rely on a reputable vender, you can greatly improve your chances of selecting truly long-lasting LED icicle lights.

Whether in your local discount store or when meeting with a professional installer look for strings where the lights are encased in a protective plastic.  In a recent check of light strings, GE was offering LED lights that were manufactured in this manner.  Keep in mind that the bulbs are often exposed to the elements, so purchasing strings with covered wires will add to the longevity of the decorations you select. For additional information on high quality LED icicle lights and other options in LED string lights you might want to consult a reliable and knowledgeable

vendor such as or

Wrap Your Home in Icicle Lights this Christmas

Icicle Lights Evoke Winter Memories Anywhere

wrap your home in Icide lights this xmasDangling icicle lights that emulate the real thing have been an American staple for the past decade.  One of many types of outdoor Christmas lights, cascading white icicle lights have enabled people to create their own private icy winter wonderland regardless of whether they live in the snow belt or in parts of the country where they will never, ever see a single snowflake.

Expanded Variety thanks to LED Icicle Lights

wrap your home in Icide lights this xmas 1Did you know that the typical little white icicle lights are far from the only choice in this category?  In the last few years these icicle lights have evolved into a whole new generation of colorful LED lights in a variety of shapes and sizes.  These days you can opt for icicle lights composed of a multitude of little snowflakes or even little stars.

On top of that you can select LED icicle lights in a variety of tempting colors to complement a color-coordinated display of outdoor Christmas lights.  Color choices are potentially endless but in addition to white, red and green, unusual color schemes with purple and even blue Christmas lights are showing up nationwide.

Opt for Energy Savings With LED Lights for your Outdoor Christmas Lighting

Eye-popping and unusual, the newer LED lights can cost a fair amount more than traditional incandescent outdoor Christmas lights.  But with reported energy savings of up to 88%, these new little LED lights have garnered plenty of attention and sold well.

wrap your home in Icide lights this xmas 2So, as you plan your outdoor Christmas lights for the coming year, don’t be afraid to venture into something just a bit different.  Experiment with unusual, non-traditional colors, and add variety to your display by considering some of the new shapes and designs that will be arriving in local stores this fall.  Christmas in America is not just little white icicle lights any more.

Icicle Holiday Lights–Not Just for Christmas Anymore

Icicle-style lights have made a huge, if somewhat frozen, splash in the US over the last 10 years.  But did you know that icicle holiday lights are not just for Christmas anymore?

Patriotic Holiday Light Set

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymoreCheck out this patriotic holiday light set.  Wit red, white and blue icicle lights it makes an ideal home decoration for Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July or even Labor Day.  One of many novelty lighting ideas for the all-American holidays, this represents an interesting new evolution of outdoor Christmas lighting ideas.  Using your imagination, staples such as icicle holiday lights can be applied in many unique and exciting new ways.

Halloween–Camera, Lights, Decorations—–Action!

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymore 1According to “Selling Halloween” magazine, Halloween is the biggest holiday for outdoor lighting following Christmas.  One of the most popular choices for outdoor lighting at Halloween is icicle holiday lights–but this time in orange, green or even purple.  Orange and green are traditional, but over the last few years purple has been seeing increasing action as a trendy color for Halloween products.  We’d imagine this is due to its particularly eerie-looking nature.

Novelty Lighting–Holiday Icicle Lights Take Shape

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymore 2Even more unusual are icicle lights that have taken on interesting shapes in celebration of holidays other than Christmas.  Just one example is this string of cascading spider icicle lights–a particularly creepy way to get your icicles on.

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymore 3Even more surprising were these heart and shamrock icicle lights we found. Perfect for novelty lighting projects at Valentine’s Day and St.Patrick’s Day, these unique products are sure to be the talk of the town.

Today’s Choice–Icicle Christmas Lights

Icicle Christmas lights are just the latest of a long string of outdoor lighting techniques used to light homes in celebration of Christmas.  A popular choice, they simulate dripping from the eaves of homes, and can frequently also be seen cascading from the branches of Christmas trees both indoors and out.

History of Festive Lighting

Just how did these and other types of lights become so important to our culture’s obsession with outdoor Christmas lighting?  Interestingly enough, festive lighting dates back to ancient times long before the advent of Christianity.  Acknowledging the importance of light to the harvest and to life itself, ancient cultures revered the presence of light in a spiritual sense and made use of it in the various festivals they celebrated.

Christmas Tree Lighting–A Modern Twist on Ancient History

Using light on trees seems to be rooted in ancient history as well.  The Druids of France and England considered the oak tree to be sacred and at festival times were believed to decorate them with candles.  Later, in early Christianity, it is said that Martin Luther attempted to recreate the beauty of stars lighting forest trees by bringing a candled tree into his home for his family to enjoy.  This practice is believed to have evolved into the German tradition of Christmas tree lighting.  From Germany, the tradition followed Prince Albert to England when he married Queen Victoria.

Similarly German settlers were credited with bringing Christmas tree lighting to the United States.  The first actual tree was believed to be displayed in Pennsylvania in 1851.  Lighting was kept to a minimum due to the fire hazard of placing lit candles on an indoor tree.  In fact, most trees were lit only on Christmas Eve and only for a few moments.  It took until Thomas Edison’s development of the electric light bulb and the subsequent manufacture of Christmas light bulbs for the trees to be lit for extended periods of time.

Although many of us can’t envision Christmas without Christmas tree lighting, the practice of bringing a tree indoors didn’t really catch on until after the first tree made its debut in the White House.  Unbelievably, this wasn’t until 1856. Most likely there was an attempt to be European and follow the traditions being popularized by England’s trend-setting Queen Victoria.

Festive Lighting–Not just Christmas Lites

Other cultures besides our own continue to use festive lighting.  Of particular note is the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, the Hindu festival of Diwali and the Thai festival of Loi Krathong.  Each of these festivals of light has a long history and like Christmas lighting has its roots in ancient peoples fascination and respect for the light of the sun and stars.