February 7, 2023

Outdoor Christmas Lights- The Basics

Sparkling Outdoor Christmas Lights for the HomeOutdoor Christmas Lights Selection

Looking for all of the latest in outdoor Christmas lights? We offer a wide selection of everything you’ll need to make this holiday season bright. How many times have you gone to the store to buy outdoor Christmas lights only to find that what you wanted is sold out? Here you will find every type of both indoor and outdoor light you could possibly want and more!

Different Types of Outdoor Christmas Lights Decor

There are literally thousands of different types of outdoor Christmas Lights to choose from. Here we’ve broken down every type of light you could possibly want and categorized them for easy selection and purchase.

• Outdoor LED Christmas Lights-

LED outdoor Christmas Lights are constructed with zinc coated lamp contacts that are rust proof and have virtually indestructible epoxy lenses. Benefits of up to 90% in energy savings make them the clear alternative to traditional lighting.

• Traditional Christmas Outdoor Lights-

The Christmas lights decorations you grew up with and the most popular. Choose from the best mini lights, twinkle lights, micro, icicle styles and more. These can be as cheap as you want or as extravagant as you’d like.
• Rope Style Outdoor Christmas Lighting-
These are very flexible and are not limiting to usage during the holidays only. During the Christmas season, shape them into candy canes or wreaths to enhance your home’s outer décor. After Christmas, use them to outline your deck or outdoor cantina.

• Novelty Outdoor Christmas Light Options-

Choose from lighted ball spheres, star decorations, grape clusters, lantern ideas, large or small animated reindeer, battery operated displays, solar powered driveway lights, holly berry leaves, waving Santas with sounds, fireplace swag, train decorations for outdoors, net lights to put on shrubs and bushes, wreaths to hang on doors and more. These decorations can be used to give a modern or classic edge to your outdoor Christmas lights.

• Commercial Christmas Outdoor Lighting-

Items you might need for commercial outdoor Christmas lights range from commercial grade lights, giant artificial lighted Christmas trees, pole mounts, classic silhouettes and more.

• C7 and C9 Outdoor Christmas Tree Lights-

Both C7 and C9 string lights offer a traditional style for outdoor lighting. If you want the look of the C7 or C9 without the energy waste, try LED retro fit bulbs. Classic colors like blue, red, green and white are most popular.

• Christmas Light Outdoor Accessories-

Clips, timers, extension cords, controllers, hooks, hangers and all other hanging necessities.

• LED Outdoor Christmas Lights for Trees-

Find the right size, shape and colors for decorating your outdoor trees or artificial outdoor Christmas trees.

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Cheerful Yard Lighting Makes Holiday Merry


lighted houseDevelop A Plan Before Setting Out To Buy Christmas Lights

An uncoordinated and mismatched Christmas lights display will make any festive holiday yard hope for better.  When planning to buy Christmas lights for a special yard display, keep in mind basic principles of art and design:  unity, variety, balance, contrast, proportion, and pattern.  Buy Christmas lights with attention to unity.  Make all yard decorations coordinate to tell one story/theme.  An example would be a monochromatic white lights display illuminating trees, shrubs, house, doorways, wreaths, and special decorations.  A second design principle to consider when setting out to buy Christmas lights is variety.  Variety is important to emphasize visual diversity emphasizing different forms and types.  A key factor to keep in mind is to use the same type of light throughout the entire display but use different types of light displays including tree lighting, shrub lighting, wreath lighting, outlining walkways, outlining buildings, and novelty lighting.  Balance is another important consideration when intending to buy Christmas lights.  A Christmas lights display looks best when the yard lighting is balanced throughout the property and not on one side only or in one small area.  Buy Christmas lights keeping in mind contrast between light and dark.  Carefully light dark areas to focus on shapes and interesting forms like an evergreen tree, a wreath, or a doorway.  Consideration of proportion is helpful when planning to buy Christmas lights.  A large yard can easily handle large Christmas light displays including light strings with large C9 bulbs or a plethora of mini lights.  A great way to add proportion and illusion in a holiday display is to light a large object while highlighting several smaller objects.  Some large items to focus on are a house or a large evergreen tree.  Pattern is important to keep in mind when setting out to buy Christmas lights.  Light strings are easy to manipulate and hang in a pattern.  A swirling pattern of light strings draped in trees looks particularly lovely during the holidays.  Hanging tree lights can create a look of activity and excitement in anticipation of the season.  A well thought out plan can create a beautiful festive holiday lights display and make a trip to the stores for Christmas lights more enjoyable when knowing exactly what to buy.


White Mini LED Lights Don’t Mix Well With White Incandescent Mini Lights

Mini LED lights are energy efficient and a smart choice when replacing traditional incandescent mini lights.  White mini LED lights give off a different color, however, and don’t mix well with white incandescent lights.  Mini LED lights give off a cool bluish white tint while incandescent lights give off a warm yellowish white tint.  To avoid replacing all lights at the same time, people try to mix mini LED lights with incandescent.  This does not work well and should be avoided.  Mini LED lights are a smart choice and should be used exclusively with other LED lighting.


Create Sparkling Scenes Of Wonder And Joy With Festive Lighting

Festive lighting brings joy to many.  Festive lighting inspires the soul and illuminates the Christmas spirit within one’s essence.  Festive lighting is the beacon of peace within a crazy holiday time.  Festive lighting gives a touch of holiday spirit to the dark winter nights.  Festive lighting makes our holiday yards joyful, inspirational, peaceful, and spiritual.

Decorate In Old World Style Using Vintage Christmas Lights


Christmas Light Displays Have A Colorful History vintage

Electric Christmas light displays have been popular for more than a hundred years.  The first reported Christmas light displays radiated bright and colorful lights.  Although light sets have changed over the years, Christmas light displays remain constant in their ability to bring happiness, cheer, and joy to all who witness them.  The Antique Christmas Lights Museum, located at  www.oldchristmaslights.com, is chock full of historical information on Christmas light displays.  Information on light sets, lamps, bubble lights, lighted candles, novelty lights, tree toppers, table-top trees, music and lighting companies throughout history is available on the website.  Check out the transformation of Christmas light displays since the late 1800’s and learn how people around the world have celebrated Christmas.  The irresistible appeal of Christmas light displays make our world more colorful and festive so we can celebrate the holidays with family and friends.


Brilliant Christmas Tree Lights Adorned The First Christmas Tree

The first Christmas tree lights are believed to have radiantly glowed on a Christmas tree set up by Mr. E. H. Johnson, President of the Edison Company for Electric Lighting.  Mr. Johnson was interested in electric house lighting and came up with the idea to entertain his children with a festive Christmas tree brilliantly lit with Christmas tree lights.  In the early 1880’s, the magnificent Christmas tree lights were shown to his children and their friends in their home at No. 139 East 36th St., New York.  The 120 multi-colored Christmas tree lights showed bright on the six foot high tree.  The radiant Christmas tree lights are reported to be the most brilliant and colorful lights the children had ever seen.  They all looked on in amazement as the Christmas tree lights sparkled as the brilliant tree revolved.  A motor at the base of the tree made it revolve in a steady regular motion.  The Christmas tree lights were divided into six sets.  One Christmas tree lights set was lit at a time displayed on the front of the tree as it went round.  The first Christmas tree lights set was colored pure white.  The second vision of Christmas tree lights displayed were red and white followed by yellow and white and then other colors.  Mr. Johnson can be credited with providing happiness and cheer to many generations of people who have admired his Christmas tree lights.


bubble lightsBubble Lights Used To Be The World’s Most Popular Christmas Light

In the 1930’s, a man named Carl Otis, an accountant for the Montgomery Ward Company, had an idea for bubble lights to be used on a table top sign display.  His idea continued into small bubble lights he called, “Ornamental Illuminating Devices” specifically meant for Christmas trees.  Other inventors around the same time were also producing bubble lights and it is reported that Benjamin Franklin first came up with the idea for a bubbling liquid inside sealed glass tubes.  Otis, however, is regarded as the inventor of Christmas bubble lights.  While he was waiting for the Christmas bubble light patent to be approved, he sent a sample to ten electric Christmas light manufacturers.  The Noma Electric Company was the only one interested.  Noma began producing the bubble lights but because of World War II restrictions and materials shortages, they didn’t become popular until the mid-1940’s.  Others tried to copy the bubble lights but Noma remained the number one seller.  Noma manufactured  bubble lights until the 1970’s.  Bubble lights were hugely popular and remain decorations on Christmas trees today.

Irresistible GE Holiday Lights Create Festive Illumination


Contemporary Holiday Lights Have More Than a Hundred Year History

Today’s holiday lights have a long history beginning with the General Electric Company, GE.  With its inception of the invention of the first practical incandescent light bulb designed by Thomas Edison, GE’s roots began in 1878. GE is proud to herald itself with a tradition of innovation.  Today, GE is considered the largest company in the world.  GE reports to have provided the basis for modern life with their life changing innovations of power and light.  GE has a continual history of product innovations, including the first holiday lights.  It is reported that the first Christmas tree with electrically lit holiday lights was displayed in December, 1882, in the New York home of Edward H. Johnson, and associate of Thomas Edison.  Electric holiday lights are still hung in this manner more than a century later!  Not only that, Christmas trees decorated with electric holiday lights have become an iconic symbol of Christmas.


The Energy Efficient LED Holiday Light Is Becoming Increasingly More Popular

Major retailers are stocking more GE LED holiday lights this year in anticipation of consumer demand for the product.  It is reported that one major retailer expects 65% of its holiday lighting sales to come from LED holiday lights.  The reason for this comes from the economic and ecological advantages that LED holiday lights provide.  Energy efficient LED holiday lights provide many benefits including using little power consumption, long life, recyclable, environmentally friendly, dimmable and programmable, quick turn-on, light-weight and compact, and hard-wearing.  LED holiday lights use 90% less energy than traditional incandescent holiday lights.  GE reports that each LED holiday light string uses 80% less energy costing less than $1.00 per season to operate.  Some LED holiday lights manufacturers report that their lights illuminate between 50,000 and 100,000 hours.  GE has a five year limited warranty on their LED holiday lights with a 20,000 hour rated LED life.  LED holiday lights contain no mercury and are recyclable.  LED holiday lights are dimmable, programmable, cool-to-the-touch, and turn on quickly.  LED holiday lights are durable, break-resistant, light-weight, and compact.  GE also reports to have an exclusive “Constant On” technology that allows the LED holiday lights to function even if a single LED light is loose or not working.  The many economic and ecological advantages are the reason that LED holiday lights are becoming increasingly more popular and quickly flooding the holiday light market.  Jump on the LED bandwagon and brighten your holiday decorations with GE LED holiday lights.


New Products Intended For Other Uses Can Be Used As Holiday LED Lights

Holiday LED lights can come from other sources than advertised Christmas lighting products.  LED light products have so many advantages that they can be used for many purposes, including holiday LED lights.  GE introduced a robust and patented LED Tetra lighting system that is reported to burn 15 times the brightness of other LEDs.  GE produced these long-life, high efficiency systems for use indoors and out.  Some applications that LED Tetra lights are used for include signage, architecture, transportation, and display lighting.  Although not produced for holiday LED lights, these power house little lights have received national attention from their use in the 42-inch tall, star-shaped tree topper used on the 2007 and 2008 National Christmas Trees in Washington, D.C.  Holiday LED lights are a smart choice when purchasing Christmas lights.  Make your holiday decorations radiate this year with energy efficient holiday LED lights.

Name Brand GE Holiday LED Lights Are Nationally Known

ge led christas lightsGE Holiday LED String Lights Are Available Online

If you’re looking for GE brand holiday LED string lights this year, check out the website, SantasBest.com.  Santa’s Best Craft has a licensing agreement with General Electric to make and distribute all GE holiday LED string lights.  Information on purchasing LED string lights or replacing holiday bulbs is available on the website.  The website also has live online help from a customer service representative and email contact if information is needed about LED string lights.  Questions about LED string lights can also be answered by call Santa’s Best Craft toll-free at 1-877-398-7337 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. U.S. Central Time. 

Popular String Lights Come in a Variety of Styles and Colors

String lights come in a variety of colors and styles making them a popular choice when decorating for the holidays.  Every color of the rainbow can be found in string lights providing endless creativity when planning Christmas décor.  String lights are available in multi-colored sets or monochromatic colored sets.  Monochromatic white string lights have been especially popular in recent years.   Some of the GE holiday LED string lights that are available are crystal miniature lights in multi and soft white lights, net style lights in multi and soft white lights, and icicle style lights in multi and soft white lights.  GE LED pre-lit trees are also available to those who do not want to string lights on their Christmas tree.  String lights provide many decorating possibilities when planning for the holidays.  String lights can be used indoors or outdoors.  String lights can be wrapped around Christmas trees, garland, wreaths, or other greenery.   String lights look beautiful when placed in or around table-top displays.  A large hurricane filled with string lights and glass ornaments sparkles with opulence and adds a special touch to Christmas decorating.  Fireplace mantels topped with garland that has been covered with string lights glow with beauty.  The beauty and splendor of decorating for the holidays with string lights makes a very special time of year filled with fun and joy.

 Will GE LED Christmas Tree Lights Grace The National Christmas Tree This Year?blue capitol

The 2009 National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony will take place on Thursday, December 3, 2009 in Washington, D.C.  Will the 2009 National Christmas Tree be decorated with GE LED Christmas tree lights?  The 2007 and 2008 National Christmas Trees were outfitted with GE LED Christmas tree lights.  As of last year, GE had a 46 year history of donating lights for the National Christmas Tree.  The design and materials have been donated every year since 1962.  In 2007, most of the lights were replaced with LED Christmas tree lights.  The 2007 LED Christmas tree lights made that year’s tree 100 times more energy efficient than previous years.  The LED Christmas tree lights on the 2008 tree were further designed to be 50 percent more energy efficient than the 2007 LED Christmas tree lights.  How will GE improve upon that success this year?  The good news is that the LED Christmas tree lights used in the 2007 and 2008 trees will last 10 times longer than traditional incandescent lights used in previous years.  The GE LED Christmas tree lights used during the last two years should have many more years of lighting left in them.  These GE LED Christmas tree lights should grace the National Christmas Tree this year and for many years to come providing much cheer and joy to all who see it.

Outdoor Christmas Lights Keep Holiday Magic Alive

Smart Decorators Use LED Tree Lights2led tree

As municipalities trim their holiday budgets this year, they can trim their outdoor public holiday Christmas trees with energy efficient LED tree lights.  Many towns have cut their holiday budgets in an effort to save tax payer dollars in an economy where many are financially stressed.  LED tree lights are a smart answer to how to save money while sharing a bit of cheer within a community.  LED tree lights are reported to use 90% less energy than traditional tree lights.  LED tree lights have a much longer bulb life and are reported to last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours.  LED tree lights can be used for many more years saving tax payers money over the long run.  Tax payers will also be impressed to know that LED tree lights are Energy Star approved products.  LED tree lights may save money but they do not scrimp on beauty.  LED tree lights are just as bright and beautiful as their traditional counterpart.  LED tree lights glow with brilliance and bold illumination making them a radiant decoration for any Christmas tree.  The City of Chicago puts up a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in Daily Plaza every year.  In the past, the tree was built out of many smaller trees aligned together to make one large shaped and very tall Christmas tree.  This year, in an effort to save money, a single tree about a third smaller and donated from a nearby suburban family was chosen for display in the Plaza.  Unfortunately, the tree has been compared to the meager tree Charlie Brown chose in the movie, A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Like in the movie, this is a good time for people to reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas.  The Daily Plaza Christmas tree will look just as beautiful this year when fully decorated with its LED tree lights and other decorations.  The radiant energy given off by the LED tree lights will give many much cheer and joy this holiday season.  The Daily Plaza Christmas tree may not be as tall and full as in previous years but it will ignite the holiday spirit within many who have the privilege to see it.

 Festive Lights Remain a Top Priority for Many Municipalities

Some cities have decided to do away with their large decorated public Christmas tree this year in an effort to save tax payer dollars.  Fortunately, festive lights can be displayed in other ways keeping the holiday magic alive while answering the need for reduced budgets.  Cities can create holiday magic by placing festive lights on parkway trees, lamp poles, novelty decorations, or outlining public buildings.  Different shaped festive lights, like snowflakes or starlight spheres, can add a lot of interest with minimal usage.  Festive lights have been a popular Christmas tradition creating a special time of year with fun and hoopla.  Festive lights can help make the holidays more joyful and celebratory encouraging community and kinship.


Create Joy Among Children With a Holiday Lights Trainbigger train

Many children and children-at-heart have a fascination with trains and with a holiday lights train.  Popular Christmas gifts throughout the past few decades have been train related thus creating more interest in a holiday lights train.  A jolly service a community can provide to its children is to run a holiday lights train complete with a decorated train and visits from Santa and other lovable childhood characters.  The holiday lights train can take off from the local train depot and run for a short trip returning home.  While en route, Santa and other characters can visit with riders in each train car sharing the Christmas spirit with all.  A holiday lights train can spread cheer and joy to children of all ages.

Save Your Outdoor Christmas Décor For Display After Thanksgiving



turkeySeparate Your Lights Decorations For Specific Holidays

When decorating for the holidays, it’s important to concentrate lights decorations on one holiday at a time.  Lights decorations can look cluttered and unattractive if more than one holiday is represented.  Christmas lights decorations should be saved for display after Thanksgiving.  Some people like to hang lights decorations in their trees during the fall when the weather is warmer and at their convenience.  This is fine as long as the lights decorations are not lit until after Thanksgiving.  Some people like to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Lights decorations that change colors for different seasons are just the answer for this interest.  An internet search of holiday lights will produce lights decorations that can be colored orange and purple for Halloween and then changed to red and green for Christmas.  During the month of November, these lights decorations can remain hung but unlit then simply changed colors for the Christmas season.  It’s also important to remember that after the New Year, people do not want to see lights decorations lit.  Many homeowners associations have rules allowing for specific time periods that lights decorations can be hung and lit.  Specify a specific holiday when planning your lights decorations this season.


Take It One Holiday At A Time When Decorating With Yard Lightinglights

Yard lighting can look quite lovely and add a special feel during the festive holiday season.  When more than one holiday is represented in yard lighting, the look gets confusing and appears unorganized and poorly planned.  Every year it seems the Christmas yard lighting goes up earlier and earlier in the season.  It has gotten so the pumpkins are barely gone from Halloween when some eager decorators are already displaying their yard lighting.  This early display of yard lighting can be annoying for some.  The unwritten rule of decorating used to be that the Thanksgiving turkey needed to be cleared from the table before the yard lighting was lit.  There are a few who are more than annoyed and who take action.  One radio station in the Chicago suburbs has a service to help decorators learn the rules.  Eric and Kathy, disc-jockeys, at 101.9fm, WTMX take emails at angrypilgrim@wtmx.com from neighbors who can’t stand the early Christmas yard lighting on display before Thanksgiving.  Eric and Kathy send their “angry pilgrim” producer Swany out dressed in his pilgrim outfit to the offending house at the crack of dawn to take down the yard lighting and other decorations that have been prematurely displayed.  Later that morning, Eric and Kathy call the house to tell the owners that their yard lighting has been taken down but will be given back after Thanksgiving.  Decorators need to be careful with the timing of their Christmas yard lighting or Swany, the angry pilgrim, will show up at their doorstop and create a cheerless holiday.


Decorate Each Holiday With It’s Own Novelty Holiday Lights

Swany the angry pilgrim will also take down novelty holiday lights if they are put up too soon.  Star-shaped, snowflake-shaped, or other novelty holiday lights will be targeted for take down if they are displayed before Thanksgiving.  Don’t make Swany the angry pilgrim mad by putting up your novelty holiday lights before Thanksgiving.  Set up your novelty holiday lights up after Thanksgiving and it will be a fantastic, wonderful, beautiful Christmas holiday.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Decor



The Grinch Stole Everything But Left The Christmas Tree Lights grinch

The Grinch, an unhappy and miserable soul, hated everything about Christmas including the Christmas tree lights.  He tried to steal Christmas one year when I was a child.  I was eight years old when I came out of my room on Christmas morning and looked under the tree and there was nothing there except Christmas tree lights.  Needless to say, I was devastated.  However, the bright Christmas tree lights gave me comfort.  The Christmas tree lights were there for me that year and have been every year since.  For me, it truly isn’t Christmas until the tree is set up and the Christmas tree lights are aglow.  Those Christmas tree lights symbolized to me the true meaning of Christmas.  No presents or other decorations will ever be their equal.  So even though the Grinch stole Christmas that one year, the lack of presents helped me focus on what, for me, is the most important part of holiday decorating, Christmas tree lights.


The Christmas tree is the first decoration that goes up in our house.  Its selection, a usually tedious process, requires a trip to our Boy Scout tree lot and the display of at least a dozen trees before the very perfect nine foot Fraser Fir is selected.  The tree is then strapped to the top of our family sleigh, otherwise known as the minivan, and transported home.  There, it is carefully brought into the family room and set up in its stand.  After a half hour of careful adjustments, the tree is secured.  Now the fun part begins.  My twenty strands of multi-colored Christmas tree lights are carefully wound around the branches until the tree is ablaze in Christmas tree lights.  Strands of ribbons, sticks of feathers, balls of glitter, and ropes of beads complete the tree’s dressing.  Then, hundreds of sentimental ornaments are presented; each one collected over the years and each one a keepsake.  They are carefully hung by the loving hands of my family.  Now I can sit back and relax as I remember Christmas’ past and I admire my beautiful Christmas tree and Christmas tree lights.  I remember back to the year the Grinch stole Christmas and reflect upon its true meaning.


The Holiday Lights Star Shines Bright

Miraculously, the Christmas decorations magically reappeared on the Who-ville town tree topped with a beautiful holiday lights star.  The holiday lights star showed bright throughout all of Who-ville, lighting the town throughout the night.  The holiday lights star was a reminder to all Who-ville residents that Christmas is a time for family, togetherness, and loving your fellow neighbor.  To the Grinch, the holiday lights star was a reminder that Christmas means more than presents and shopping in a store.  His heart grew that Christmas.


Outdoor Christmas Light Displays Make It Feel Like Christmas

Just like the story, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the Grinch can never truly steal Christmas or the outdoor Christmas light displays.  Christmas is inside our hearts and everyone has a Christmas tradition involving outdoor Christmas light displays that helps them remember the true meaning of Christmas.  Christmas comes whether there are outdoor Christmas light displays or not and the key is remembering why it is coming for you.  Outdoor Christmas light displays are a reminder of why we celebrate Christmas.   If there is love in our hearts, then outdoor Christmas light displays will always make it feel like Christmas.

Battery Christmas Lights are a Hot Commodity



Battery LED Christmas Lights Help You Save Green While Being Green

Of the many ways to make the holidays more cheerful, there are two that particularly stand out:  decorating with many environmentally friendly radiant lights and saving money while doing so.  Choosing energy efficient battery powered LED Christmas lights is the perfect choice for being kind to planet Earth and saving money.  Thinking about ways to be energy efficient and saving money in everything we do is necessary, even when we are thinking about buying LED Christmas lights.  When purchasing new energy efficient LED Christmas lights, make it even more beneficial to the environment and consider recycling your old incandescent Christmas light sets.  Contact your local recycling facility first to see if they recycle old lights.  If not, look on the internet to find companies who sell LED Christmas lights and who offer recycling.  To take the energy efficiency concept even further, try using rechargeable batteries in your battery operated LED Christmas lights products.  To be even “greener” use solar powered battery chargers.  There are many obvious advantages to battery powered LED Christmas lights.  Choose battery powered LED Christmas lights for your holiday decorating this year and ignite the spirit to protect our beautiful planet.


Make Those Holiday Wreaths Shine With Battery Powered Wreath Lights wreath

Welcome your guests with a Christmas wreath, well lit with wreath lights.  Wreaths are a symbol of welcome and hospitality.  What better way is there to show your guests that you are happy to see them than illuminating your welcoming wreath with wreath lights.  Battery operated wreath lights are the perfect choice to use on wreaths.  The battery pack can be hidden within the wreath with no worries of wreath lights cords hanging in plain site.  Wreaths can be hung anywhere since the location of nearby electrical outlets is not a concern to light the wreath lights.  Wreaths decorated with wreath lights can be displayed on doors, hung on outdoor lights, draped over fireplace mantles, or even displayed on walls.  There are many creative opportunities for decorating with wreath lights.  Make your guests feel at home with the cheerful glow of wreaths decorated with wreath lights hung for welcoming.


Light Up Your Christmas Trees With Battery Powered Christmas Tree Lights

For many decades, people have been decorating a Christmas tree with Christmas tree lights to celebrate the holiday and make their lives more cheerful.  With the increased popularity of battery powered Christmas tree lights, this tradition can be more affordable and easier to use to an increased number of people.  Battery powered Christmas tree lights can save money in not having to use electricity to power them.  The Christmas tree lights will radiate light for an entire season on one set of batteries.  Year after year the cost savings will add up, creating even more joy during the holiday season.  A second major benefit to battery operated Christmas tree lights is the convenience of no hanging cords.  Without worrying about managing many wires, locating the nearest electrical outlet, or over loading the electrical current in your home, battery powered Christmas tree lights become a joy to use.  Brighten your holidays this year with battery powered Christmas tree lights and make your Christmas sparkle with festivity.

Battery Christmas Lights Provide Safe and Easy Decorating


Technological Advances Have Improved the Popular Christmas Mini Lights

What could be better than stringing mini lights throughout your home and yard each Christmas to create a festive cheerful holiday for all to enjoy?  Technological advances make our lives much easier year after year, including advances with Christmas decorations.  Today’s mini lights have come a long way from those of previous years.  Electric, solar, or battery power sources are available today making mini lights even easier to use.  Most people are familiar with electric mini lights and being careful to not overload an electrical outlet.  Solar mini lights need direct sunlight and are best used in warmer climates that typically have longer sunlit days.  Battery Christmas mini lights are becoming more popular and are a great alternative to traditional mini lights.  The main advantages of battery mini lights are no cords, no timers, and cost-savings.  Without the need for messy, unsightly cords, creative uses of mini lights are endless.  Lighting holiday displays with battery operated mini lights becomes much easier without figuring out how to hide cords.  Another new hassle-free feature is an automatic timing system eliminating the need for traditional timers.  This new system remembers to turn on at the same time each day and shuts off after six hours.  All you need to do is pick a time, turn the mini lights on and they remember each day thereafter.  Cordless mini lights use only one set of batteries each season and low voltage LED Christmas mini lights save money when compared to classic mini lights that need standard electricity to operate.  The new cordless Christmas mini lights are a great value and an excellent way to add pizzazz to your holiday decorating.


branchLots of New Figurines Provide Endless Possibilities for Novelty Christmas Lights

Choosing novelty Christmas lights is becoming easier with more options available to the public.  Both retail stores and websites are showing numerous new battery powered novelty Christmas lights to festively decorate any indoor or outdoor space.  Options include novelty Christmas lights on lawn sculptures such as nativity scenes, deer, angels, snowmen, Santa, penguins, ornaments, or candy canes.  Other options for novelty Christmas lights include pathway lights decorated with figurines or shapes such as angels, stars, or snowflakes.  Without the need to manage electric cords, novelty Christmas lights are easier to manipulate into creative scenes.  Inside decorating becomes easier with battery powered novelty Christmas lights also.  Have fun and get creative and enjoy the convenience of battery powered novelty Christmas lights.  


For Optimum Energy Efficiency, Try Battery Powered LED Christmas Lights

Battery operated Christmas lights and decorations are available with both incandescent and LED Christmas lights.  For people who are interested in reducing their footprint upon this earth, battery powered LED Christmas lights are just the answer.  Battery powered LED Christmas lights are available both in retail stores and on the internet.  Just look carefully for the wording, “cordless” or “battery operated” and “LED” lights.  Battery operated LED Christmas lights are a great solution today to address energy efficiency.  Light Emitting Diode, or LED, Christmas lights are longer-lasting, consumes 90% less energy, maintenance free, durable, cool to the touch, brightly colored, lightweight and compact, quick to turn on, recyclable, and environmentally friendly with no mercury or toxins.  Chose to be “green” this Christmas and purchase battery operated LED Christmas lights.  Saving money and using less energy make battery powered LED Christmas lights a smart choice for your holiday illuminations.